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"Development of Highly Sensitive Virus Detection Technology and Blood Diagnostic Technology" was held
Digital X Medical Open Innovation
November 10, 2021
BrainEnergy welcomed HORIBA, Ltd. and JNC CORPORATION for a three-company discussion on high-sensitivity virus detection technology and blood diagnostic technology. The companies are developing advanced businesses in the fields of biochemical analysis, rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases, and blood diagnostics, and BrainEnergy, which has a proven track record in the digital medical field, discussed the direction of technology and issues in the creation of medical technology.

[Background and content of the dialogue]
The global blood analysis market is expected to reach US$5.8 billion by 2030 due to the rising prevalence of infectious diseases worldwide and the increasing need for disease detection and early prevention. The market is expected to grow further due to the growth of the healthcare sector in various countries and the expansion of rapid blood testing and easy access to medical services.

With the spread of a new pandemic, novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the market for genetic testing reagents and devices is also expanding in size. In Japan, the expansion of testing systems at medical institutions and clinical testing centers, the development of testing reagents, and the speeding up of regulatory procedures are progressing in response to the spread of infection, and manufacturers are also developing related genetic testing reagents and devices.

Furthermore, with the strengthening of surveillance for coronavirus mutant strains, the development of new testing methods is expected to progress, and the demand for virus testing is expected to continue. In addition to these tests, the market for other testing areas, such as bacterial testing, immunoserology, and biochemistry testing, is expanding, especially for infectious diseases.

Horiba is working on hematology and blood analysis, and the company is actively developing equipment in the areas of hematology, diabetes, and immunoassay in line with the operation of its testing centers.JNC is engaged in cutting-edge research and development of rapid and highly sensitive virus detection technology and blood diagnostic technology, and participants pointed out that the need for virus detection and isolation technology is increasing due to the coronavirus, and there are growing expectations for the commercialization of faster and cheaper diagnostic technology.

[Summary of the Online Dialogue]
▪Participants: HORIBA, Ltd
       BrainEnergy Corporation
▪Topics:Development of Highly Sensitive Virus Detection Technology and Blood Diagnostic Technology

[Summary of Participants]
A comprehensive manufacturer of analytical and measuring instruments, the company operates in the Automotive Instrumentation, Environmental and Process, Medical, Semiconductor, and Scientific segments. It sells cutting-edge equipment for each segment based on its proprietary core technologies in particle measurement, elemental analysis, spectroscopic analysis, and micro-area analysis.

JNC CORPORATION has developed a variety of proprietary materials ranging from electronic materials such as liquid crystal and organic EL to everyday materials such as composite fibers. We have contributed to Japan's chemical industry through the development of a wide range of technologies and products, including fertilizers, vinyl chloride resin, chemicals, polypropylene, synthetic fibers, and fine chemicals.

▪BrainEnergy Corporation
BrainEnergy has a proven track record of analyzing vast amounts of central nervous system data with medical institutions and research facilities in Japan and overseas, and is working to develop technologies to support brain activity and body function and to construct spaces using biophilic design and digital medical technology.