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"Innovative Innovations in the Development of Environmentally Friendly Materials" was held
Digital X Medical Open Innovation
December 10, 2021
BrainEnergy welcomed Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. and Rengo Co., Ltd. for a three-company dialogue on innovative innovations in environmentally friendly materials. In this dialogue, companies at the forefront of materials development and BrainEnergy, which has a proven track record in the digital medical field, discussed the future direction of the industry while introducing the latest case studies on the topic.

[Background and content of the dialogue]
Companies around the world are making various efforts to achieve the goals set forth in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of universal goals aimed at realizing a sustainable and better society. In this context, various eco-friendly materials are attracting attention as next-generation sustainable bio-materials with low environmental impact, and manufacturers are investing resources in the development of natural materials, recycled materials, etc. The three companies are actively discussing their technologies and business concepts from the perspective of co-creation to explore the potential of eco-friendly materials in the medical healthcare field. The three companies engaged in a lively discussion on their technologies and business concepts from the perspective of co-creation.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Corporation talked about the company's development of environmentally friendly materials as well as new business development fields (nonwoven fabrics, battery materials, medical packaging materials, etc.). Rengo gave an update on its development and production of cellulose nanofiber (CNF), which is often used as a functional additive or resin reinforcing agent, and although its use in major products widely deployed in the market today is limited and its current sales volume is limited, the company expects the market to expand in the future. The number of adoption cases is steadily increasing, and the market is expected to expand in the future.

BrainEnergy has a proven track record of analyzing vast amounts of central nervous system data with medical institutions, and is promoting the construction of a global environmentally friendly space using digital medical technology. We had a lively discussion about the direction of actively utilizing next-generation bio-materials and other materials in the future.

[Summary of the Online Dialogue]
▪Participants: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
       Rengo Co., Ltd.
       BrainEnergy Corporation
▪Topics:New business co-creation of environmentally friendly materials

[Summary of Participants]
▪Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
Since its establishment, the company has been a chemical manufacturer involved in everything from basic chemicals to functional materials and resource development, supporting the foundations of a diverse range of industries on a global scale. Along with the deepening of core technologies cultivated over many years, we are focusing on business areas where needs are expected, such as "Energy" "Information and Communication" "Mobility" "Medicine and Food" and "Infrastructure".

▪Rengo Co., Ltd.
The company was the first in Japan to start a corrugated cardboard business. Under the motto of "Supporting Lifestyles and Building the Future through Packaging," the company is developing its business in paper containers, flexible packaging, and heavy duty packaging. The company's business is characterized not only by the manufacture and sale of packaging materials, but also by comprehensive proposals for design, sales promotion, and logistics costs to meet diversifying packaging needs.

▪BrainEnergy Corporation
BrainEnergy has a proven track record of analyzing vast amounts of central nervous system data with medical institutions and research facilities in Japan and overseas, and is working to develop technologies to support brain activity and body function, and to construct spaces using biophilic design and digital medical technology.