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"Creating Digital Healthcare Solutions for Personalized Medicine" was held
Digital X Medical Open Innovation
February 1, 2022
BrainEnergy welcomed Nippon Life Insurance Company and Konica Minolta, both of which have experience in the digital healthcare domain, to a three-company dialogue on the creation of digital healthcare solutions for personalized medicine. Through the introduction of the latest case studies and business concepts of each company, which are pioneers in the digital healthcare domain, discussions were held from the perspective of co-creation for the creation of digital healthcare solutions.

[Background and content of the dialogue]
The introduction of the latest technologies in the health, medical, and nursing care fields, such as "diagnosis support by AI" and "disease treatment by apps" has started to progress, and the digitalization of the field is steadily spreading, creating many business opportunities in the digital healthcare domain. In addition to "diagnosis and treatment" and "rehabilitation and nursing care" individuals are also digitizing their daily "health maintenance and promotion" and different industries such as housing, food, sports, travel, and insurance are now involved in the healthcare domain.

Nippon Life Insurance Company spoke about the current status and future plans for data analysis, support for health promotion measures, and prevention programs aimed at improving the health of companies, employees, and their families. Through collaboration with partner companies, the company provides diabetes prevention programs, self-monitoring plans, risk prediction services, and other services, and is actively developing initiatives to support users' health promotion.

Konica Minolta gave an overview of its medical information ICT services and its advanced initiatives. The company is developing services to support the digitalization of medical institutions, and in addition to providing medical information and image processing, it is implementing measures for data sharing among medical institutions and telemedicine.

BrainEnergy has a proven track record of analyzing vast amounts of central nervous system data with medical institutions, and we discussed the direction of personal healthcare solutions in the development of technology to support brain function and personal health. For example, recent research has revealed that dementia is significantly related to an individual's lifestyle environment and habits. In developing healthcare solutions to improve people's quality of life, it is suggested that brain function may become a major trend in the future.

The global market for digital healthcare is expected to reach approximately US$480 billion by 2025, and due in part to government initiatives in response to COVID-19, the digital healthcare market is expected to grow further in the future as operators continue to develop infrastructure for mobile health, health information management, telemedicine, and other healthcare-related services to ensure smooth delivery. The digital healthcare market is expected to grow further in the future.

[Summary of the Online Dialogue]
▪Participants: Nippon Life Insurance Company
       Konica Minolta Co.
       BrainEnergy Corporation
▪Topics:Creating Digital Healthcare Solutions for Personalized Medicine

[Summary of Participants]
▪Nippon Life Insurance Company
As a leading company in the life insurance industry, we have one of the largest number of customers and total assets in the world. In addition to insurance against risk, the company aims to realize the advancement of its insurance business by providing health care services to mitigate risk.

▪Konica Minolta Co.
Evolving its core technologies such as "materials" "imaging" "optics" and "nano-fabrication" developed in the camera and photographic film business, the company is now advancing cutting-edge businesses such as office services, healthcare, sensing, and image IoT. Especially in the healthcare area, we are developing diagnostic imaging, medical ICT services, early diagnosis, and testing services.

▪BrainEnergy Corporation
BrainEnergy has a proven track record of analyzing vast amounts of central nervous system data with medical institutions and research facilities in Japan and overseas, and is working to develop technologies to support brain activity and body function, and to construct spaces using biophilic design and digital medical technology.