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"Wellness & Travel Services and Hypoallergenic Sportswear" was held
Digital X Medical Open Innovation
April 18, 2022
BrainEnergy welcomed Japan Airlines Corporation and Gunze Limited to a three-company dialogue on the topic of "Wellness & Travel Services and Hypoallergenic Sportswear. Through the introduction of healthcare-related businesses developed by the two companies, which have diverse points of contact with consumers, a lively discussion was held on improving health quality of life as an added value of familiar product services, including the latest case studies.

[Background and content of the dialogue]
As health management through smartwatches and wearable devices becomes more common and people become more health conscious, the global health and wellness market size reached $4.8 trillion as of 2022. The industry has a broad base, as it involves not only medicine and health, but also many other areas of lifestyle, and a diverse range of industries are launching wellness-related projects and services. Increasing demand for healthy products and hygiene awareness, as well as consumers' busy and sedentary lifestyles and the prevalence of various chronic diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, and mental disorders, are major drivers for the health and wellness market. In addition, diverse factors are driving the growth of the global health and wellness market, such as the growing female population, increasing interest in beauty and anti-aging products and health foods, and wellness tourism, which involves various recreational activities while traveling.

In this dialogue, Japan Airlines provided an overview of the company's wellness and travel services and its concept. The company is promoting initiatives aimed at improving the health experience of its users by offering plans that allow them to earn miles by accumulating the number of steps they take. Users link a dedicated app to their smartphone's step measurement function, and when they reach a target number of steps, they can earn miles and receive rewards such as audiobooks, yoga studios, and sports clubs. During the dialogue, the participants discussed issues and ideas for providing health value.

Gunze introduced us to their products that contribute to improving people's quality of life. Based on its fiber material technology, GUNZE is actively engaged in research and development of bioabsorbable materials for use as medical devices and exploring their applications. In the apparel field, where the company is strong, it is developing clothing for patients with skin problems and providing hypoallergenic products for consumers after breast cancer surgery and for those with skin problems. In the fitness field, the company is also working with local governments and medical institutions to operate a new style of club aimed at improving quality of life, and introduced examples of their efforts such as exercise experience programs, back pain prevention, and posture checks. He also talked about his vision for creating new business value by combining the keywords "apparel" and "mibyou" (unwellness).

[Summary of the Online Dialogue]
▪Participant: Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
       BrainEnergy Corporation
▪Topics:Wellness & Travel Services and Hypoallergenic Sportswear

[Summary of Participants]
▪Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
It is one of Japan's leading airlines, operating a domestic and international route network. The airline is trusted by many users for its excellent service and safe operations. It also contributes to a sustainable society by focusing on ecologically friendly operations and tourism promotion.

A Japanese textile products manufacturer that offers a wide range of products including underwear, socks, innerwear, as well as sportswear and household goods. By providing high-quality, comfortable products, the company contributes to supporting consumers in their daily lives. We are also actively involved in the development of environmentally friendly products and community contribution activities.

▪BrainEnergy Corporation
BrainEnergy has a proven track record of analyzing vast amounts of central nervous system data with medical institutions and research facilities in Japan and overseas, and is working to develop technologies to support brain activity and body function, and to construct spaces using biophilic design and digital medical technology.