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"Telemedicine, ICT, Software Development and Innovation" was held
Digital X Medical Open Innovation
August 23, 2022
BrainEnergy welcomed Sharp Corporation and Comarch Corporation (Europe) to a three-company dialogue on the topic of innovation and creation of next-generation medical services. The three companies, each with a proven track record in telemedicine, ICT, and software development, discussed the current challenges and collaborations between companies to realize high value-added medical services, based on their core competencies and future directions.

[Background and content of the dialogue]
The global digital healthcare market is expected to reach US$480 billion by 2027, due to many factors surrounding the world these days, including the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, increasing demand for advanced medical information systems, and the emergence of mobile health technologies. It is no exaggeration to say that the adoption of mobile devices, wearable devices, and medical information networks is accelerating their spread. The technologies and business concepts possessed by the three pioneers in medical ICT and digital medicine were discussed with the latest case studies, especially in terms of the linkage between telemedicine systems and electronic devices.

Comarch gave us an overview of the company's telemedicine solutions and its advanced initiatives in Europe and other parts of the world. The company is building telecare solutions by linking telemedicine terminals with medical equipment, data collection devices, and dedicated applications, and is aiming for a wide range of deployment, mainly in Europe. Sharp gave an overview of the company's medical-related business, including hearing aids. The company is developing hearing aids that can be customized for each individual. The products are designed to lower the hurdles for existing users, such as price and the hassle of fitting, by linking to smartphones and mobile applications.

The need for digitalization and efficient operation of medical information is increasing in such areas as community-based comprehensive care, cloud-based medical information systems, and advanced home healthcare.

[Summary of the Online Dialogue]
▪Participant: Sharp Corporation
       Comarch Corporation
       BrainEnergy Corporation
▪Topics:telemedicine, ICT, software development and innovation

[Summary of Participants]
▪Sharp Corporation
An electronics manufacturer established in 1935 with a top-class track record in televisions and other consumer electronics products. With keywords such as "smart life," "8K ecosystem," and ICT, the company is creating innovative products in display devices and electronic devices. The company is also developing its healthcare business, including measurement devices and in-hospital traceability management solutions, and is actively developing new initiatives such as earphone-type hearing aids.

▪Comarch Corporation(Europe)
A software vendor company established in 1993 and headquartered in Poland. With a focus on providing IT solutions to telecommunications carriers, the company has developed a wide range of products in the financial, aviation, and public infrastructure sectors. The company also has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare field, developing electronic medical record products, telecare solutions, patient engagement systems, and other products.

▪BrainEnergy Corporation
BrainEnergy has a proven track record of analyzing vast amounts of central nervous system data with medical institutions and research facilities in Japan and overseas, and is working to develop technologies to support brain activity and body function, and to construct spaces using biophilic design and digital medical technology.